Liberals are exploiting Shorten’s weak point — but there’s a bigger one waiting in the wings

With an overwhelming expectation of Labor victory at the next election, "union bred, fed and led" Bill Shorten, as Scott Morrison likes to call him, needs to make it clear how he would work with the union movement and where his industrial relations policies lie, writes Michelle Grattan.

In their topsy-turvy Liberal universe, MPs take a ‘socialist’ tack

After an excruciating two weeks, with a trouncing in Victoria, a Liberal defection, Malcolm Turnbull's provocations and an impasse with Labor, Scott Morrison retires to enjoy his first — and likely last — Christmas at Kirribilli, writes Michelle Grattan.

Turnbull continues to haunt the government — and it’s giving Labor an attack plan

Turnbull's observations on energy policy provided abundant material for a question time attack by Labor bloated from dining on the unending manna that's been flowing from political heaven, writes Michelle Grattan.

Crossbench women give Morrison a break after the week from hell

When Labor tried have the Parliament condemn the Government this week, the four women of the crossbench abstained. In doing so they gave Scott Morrison salve for a black eye inflicted earlier by their newest member, and banked some credit for use later on, writes Michelle Grattan.

Labor’s energy policy is savvy – now is it scare proof?

The Coalition dubbed Labor's promise this week to subsidise batteries for households "pink batts to pink batteries", seeking to trigger memories of a fatal Rudd policy, proving Scott Morrison's a much better negative campaigner than Malcolm Turnbull ever was, writes Michelle Grattan.

A government on the ropes acts impulsively — and so it is for Morrison

The Jerusalem question, a religious freedom report, and an inquiry into free speech at universities: Scott Morrison's political predicaments echo those of Billy McMahon, where "for every achievement and move towards new policy there was another fight, another muddle, another problem that should never have been cause for concern", writes Michelle Grattan.