Teenager with severe disabilities who choked to death was unsupervised, carer tells inquest

A carer for a teenager with severe disabilities who choked to death on a latex glove rejects a suggestion from the girl's mother that respite facility staff knew the child needed to be supervised while unrestrained.

Quiet rooms at AFL stadiums a game changer for football fans with special needs

In what has been described an "incredible" move, St Kilda Football Club is offering a calming room at its home stadium where special needs children can watch the game in a quiet, safe space — and the AFL is taking notice, considering getting each of its clubs to follow suit in the years to come.

Push for inclusive playground designs that allow everyone to play

Playground designs are moving beyond the wheelchair swing as the push for inclusive play spaces drives new guidelines and community fundraising efforts across Australia.

As a mum of two kids with autism, I’ve learned how much attitudes have changed

Since my two sons were diagnosed with autism, the learning curve for our family has been steep. In a way, it reflects how much society has learned since the days of Rain Man and the 'refrigerator mother' theory.