Helping Australian MH17 victims ‘the most emotional moment of my life’, Bishop says

Outgoing Foreign Minister Julie Bishop describes the impact of the shooting down of MH17 on the past four years of her personal and ministerial life, amid speculation she could be Australia's next governor-general.

Trump’s men talk of a ‘rock solid’ US-Aussie relationship, while POTUS shakes things up

Weeks after warning of a "less predictable" United States, Julie Bishop finally had an opportunity to front two of the highest ranking chiefs in a US administration whose disruptions on trade, climate and nukes run counter to Australia's interests, writes Tony Walker.

Julie Bishop knew Rex Tillerson was leaving the White House before he did

It is unusual that Australia's Foreign Minister took a call about the departure of a senior figure in the Trump administration before the man himself, but it is also evidence that Australia can still count on connections in high places in Washington DC, writes Greg Jennett.