Cladding crisis spreads into the suburbs as nine more materials are banned

Thousands more homeowners could now find themselves caught up in Australia's cladding crisis, as authorities issue an alert banning the use of another nine types of the material, including cladding commonly used on single-storey suburban homes.

‘The tampon in the sky’: What’s the story with the tower on Mount Wellington?

At 130 metres tall, the transmission tower perched atop kunanyi/Mount Wellington watches over the Hobart CBD from the mountain's summit. Over the years, the state's tallest structure has been a source of both fascination and anger.

When your home is a fire risk but you can’t afford to fix it

There are hundreds of buildings around Australia covered in combustible cladding, but fixing the problem is expensive and the only government scheme is yet to hand out a single loan.

Melbourne apartment buildings to be re-checked for flammable cladding in wake of tower fire

Thirty Melbourne buildings will be reassessed for fire safety after a burning cigarette sparked a six-storey blaze in combustible cladding on a high-rise apartment building.

Melbourne cladding fire apartment high-rise deemed ‘moderate risk’

A Melbourne CBD apartment building with combustible cladding that caught fire this week had been assessed as a "moderate risk" by the Victorian Cladding Taskforce, the Government reveals, as national ministers meet to consider calls for a ban on the potentially dangerous building product.