What started as shocking news after a Pap smear, ended with a healthy baby

Kirsty Browne was just 26 when, following a routine Pap smear, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had her cervix removed. But four months ago, she had a little boy. Her doctors believe she's one of only a handful of women in Australia who have delivered a baby after having the surgery.

The very definition of cancer is changing and funding must keep up

The way we think about cancer is undergoing a slow but radical transformation, with studies at a molecular level revealing how "rare" each cancer is. How we fund research should change too, writes Darren Saunders.

National cancer screening register delayed by ‘poor planning’

A series of stumbles in creating a national cancer screening service have led to a seven-month delay and a multi-million-dollar blow-out in costs, according to a report by the auditor-general which argues the project suffered due to "ambitious timelines".