12yo girl left in suicide smock in adult watch house for nine days

Wearing a suicide smock and detained in a maximum-security Queensland watch house — a 12-year-old girl spends days at the adult facility because there's no room in a youth detention centre. The Office of the Public Guardian says the conditions are "dehumanising" and impacting children's mental health.

Headspace is ‘easy for politicians’, but failing Australia’s youth, experts say

Both the Coalition and Labor pledge to throw millions more at youth mental health service Headspace, but former clients, social workers and mental health policy experts say the model only helps young people in the "Goldilocks zone".

ADHD prescriptions are up, but it doesn’t mean we’re overmedicating

Despite a diagnosis of ADHD in kids meaning a higher risk of academic failure, substance abuse issues and imprisonment, many feel medication is overprescribed. A lack of other options and the drugs' proven effectiveness suggest the concerns are unfounded, write Daryl Efron and Harriet Hiscock.