Caravan park holidays allow kids to just be kids and parents to relax

Families are increasingly taking caravan and camping holidays, enjoying a sense of community and a temporary return to a more carefree parenting style and a childhood freedom reminiscent of decades gone by.

Push for inclusive playground designs that allow everyone to play

Playground designs are moving beyond the wheelchair swing as the push for inclusive play spaces drives new guidelines and community fundraising efforts across Australia.

‘Barely out of nappies’: Academic takes aim at students’ climate change strike

Students planning to join Friday's global day of action over climate change have been described as victims of "politically correct" teaching and include some who are "barely literate or numerate".

The only ‘super’ thing about designer foods is the price, researchers warn

Australians spend millions of dollars on "designer" foods they think will boost their health and wellbeing, but Queensland University of Technology researchers say they have limited nutritional value.