Jews for Jesus: What is the Messianic movement and why do Jewish leaders condemn it?

For mainstream Jewish communities, the belief that Jesus is the Messiah is offensive and theologically flawed. That hasn't stopped Messianic Judaism from growing internationally. Today, the controversial faith welcomes Jews and "gentiles" alike.

Christian Schools Australia backs right to discriminate against teachers

The government and the opposition have united to support removing laws which allow religious schools to discriminate against students based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Why Catholic primary school parents can afford to pay more

New analysis shows wealthy parents at advantaged Catholic primary schools could actually afford the increase to school fees under the needs-based model, writes Peter Goss. And whether they opt to send their children to the state school down the road and avoid fee increases is a matter of choice and value, not affordability.

From electroshocks to religious ‘cure camps’: Survivors share reality of gay conversion therapy

When Health Minister Greg Hunt refused to condemn political discussions on gay conversion therapy, people who endured such treatments were shocked. They say attempts to 'cure' their same-sex attraction have caused life-long pain.