Australia was promised superfast broadband with the NBN. This is what we got.

In 2009 we were promised a fast National Broadband Network with optical fibre cables direct to most homes and businesses. Instead, we've ended up with a mix of technologies including optical fibre, copper wires, Hybrid Fibre Coaxial, fixed wireless and satellite.

‘Making everyone a potential spy’: Huawei’s new smartphone SuperZoom sparks concerns

The SuperZoom on Huawei's latest smartphone reportedly allows users to read signs from hundreds of metres away, but there are fears the technology could encourage people to record someone punching in their ATM security pin from across the road.

‘Humans are trickable and so are machines’: The race to fool AI

As more of daily life moves not only online but into the orbit of intelligent machines, computer scientists and lawyers are debating a fuzzy line: when are you hacking a computer and when are you simply tricking it?

Mysterious outback aviation drone incident linked to UK Defence

Reports emerge of reconnaissance-style drone crashing in outback Western Australia as Airbus says one of its aircraft was involved in an incident in the region.

Are Australia’s efforts to reduce emissions enough to meet our Paris target?

The Government insists Australia is on track to meet its Paris target by 2030, but the Government's own data tells a different story.

Internet war diary details rat attacks and an NBN missing in action

The ABC's Malcolm Sutton chronicles his exhaustive battle to remain connected to the internet via ageing, rat-infested infrastructure while also trying to gain access to the NBN.