‘It’s pretty scary’: Cyclone Trevor’s wind gusts on par with Cyclone Tracy

Before it downgraded to a tropical low, the winds around Cyclone Trevor's eye peaked at 175kph, gusting to 250kph, which the Bureau of Meteorology says puts it on par with the notorious Cyclone Tracy. The weather system is moving south near Tennant Creek and will bring heavy rainfall and destructive winds to the Barkly region.

Calls for end to spread of false information after racism claims over NT cyclone shelters

Claims on social media that Aboriginal people are being housed in tents while non-Indigenous evacuees are being accommodated in hotels are denied by Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner, who calls for unity during a natural disaster.

Darwin’s underground power project restarts but could take 30 years to finish

A year after Cyclone Marcus, which left almost 30,000 residents without power, the NT Government has finally taken a decades-old program off ice — announcing it would move the power supply of nine Darwin schools underground.