Secret deal struck for Australian weapons systems bound for Saudi

The Australian Government is providing tens of millions of dollars to a Canberra defence company exporting a next-generation weapons system destined for Saudi Arabia, a country accused of complicity in war crimes in Yemen and the brazen murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

‘Stabbed in the back’: China threatens ‘double-faced’ NZ with tourism ‘stick’ following Huawei ban

Chinese state media claims Chinese tourists are abandoning New Zealand because of its Huawei ban, but analysts say China is not giving up on the country just yet.

Someone tried to hack our Parliament. What makes us think they aren’t hacking our politicians as well?

If I were a nation-state hacker, you can bet I'd be going after every politician and staffer's poorly secured personal network I could find — which could be most of them, writes Elise Thomas.