Authorities tight-lipped after PFAS-contaminated water released into NSW river

Authorities and the company responsible for 100,000 litres of PFAS-contaminated water which was released into the Shoalhaven River remain tight-lipped about its environmental impact.

The Pentagon is defying Trump to protect its bases from climate change

The Trump administration insists climate change is not a big deal, but the Pentagon can see its bases going under water with its own eyes. This is how it's fighting back.

China’s dominance of the Asia-Pacific is increasing and Donald Trump’s partly responsible, report suggests

Lowy's Asia Power Index finds China is closing the gap in dominance in the Asia-Pacific between itself and the US, even though the country's economic growth is slowing.

As China and the United States fight for global dominance, is Australia at risk?

As China and the United States play geopolitical tug-of-war on the global stage, it's feeling a little too close for comfort in one pocket of Australia. Many readers have asked the ABC what might happen here if a conflict breaks out in the region.