Australia’s secret backing for nations fighting Yemen’s bloody war

The Australian government approves the export of dozens of shipments of military items to to Middle Eastern countries embroiled in the bloody Yemen war, a conflict dogged by accusations of war crimes and indiscriminate civilian killings.

End of Australia’s ‘lucky streak’? New report warns reliance on China, political infighting leaves us vulnerable

Australia has an "enviable economic record", according to an international report published today, but it could be jeopardised by its heavy reliance on Chinese trade and its quick turnover of prime ministers.

Is it time for Australia to have a nuclear arsenal?

With Donald Trump pulling the US out of a key nuclear treaty with Russia, and China on the rise, is it time for Australia to start thinking about nuclear weapons? And what would be the cost?

‘Disgraceful’: Student activists rally against ‘weapons research’ at Adelaide university

A new partnership between an Adelaide university and one of the world's largest arms manufacturers is described as "disgraceful", with the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) joining the fight against militarisation of Australian universities.