Google and Apple called on to adjust map info

They may be slightly off the beaten track, but two towns in South Australia say Google and Apple have got it wrong when it comes to travel times — and it's costing both towns crucial tourism trade.

It’s in Apple’s interests to curb iPhone use among kids

Apple shareholders want the tech giant to build in some safeguards to protect its youngest consumers, on the basis that it's the right thing to do and could improve the company's bottom line.

The creepy videos that put me off my children watching YouTube alone

Spider-Man in an empty bathtub, squeezing water balloons until they explode. This is what I saw when I looked over to see what my three-year-old son was watching online.

The Wrap: SA battery, Bernardi and G20

'The Wrap' is RN Drive's summary of the biggest stories of the week, plus some you may have missed