As this woman had heart surgery, deadly bacteria entered her body. Then it killed her

Fay Sherret was killed by a slow-growing bacteria that entered her body as she had a routine heart valve replacement procedure. A cooler in the operating theatre was infected and the deadly bacteria was airborne. Now, her daughter is working to uncover what authorities knew about the risks.

Hundreds of bees mysteriously dropping dead in SA

Bee corpses are piling up in backyards in the town of Peterborough, prompting dark suspicions from locals and theories from academics. But no one knows what is causing the deaths.

Family law reforms may need royal commission scrutiny: Chief Justice

A royal commission into family law should be considered if reforms currently underway do not address public concerns about the system, outgoing Family Court Chief Justice John Pascoe says.

Stalkers are using a new generation of technology to harass victims

Perpetrators are arming themselves with a new generation of technology, using drones to stalk victims, smart TVs to spy on them and tracking devices to follow and restrict their movements.