Meet the second generation of children being born through sperm donations

Deciding to use a sperm donor is not always an easy choice, and for Heather it was complicated by the fact she was conceived using donor sperm. She's one of many donor children who want more transparency around their biological fathers.

Why are women still being told they will change their minds about children?

Women are having fewer children on average, but — as journalist Tory Shepherd knows all too well — that doesn't stop the notion that they are "missing something" if they opt out of motherhood.

Everyone knows smoking causes lung cancer, but what about infertility and arthritis?

Most people know smoking causes lung cancer and heart disease, but less than a third of us realise it can also cause acute leukaemia and rheumatoid arthritis. These are the findings of new study, raising the question of whether cigarette warning labels need a refresh to fix this.

Study casts doubt on whether acupuncture can boost IVF success

A landmark Australian study found there was no difference in birth rates in women undergoing IVF who had regular acupuncture compared to those who didn't.