Grieving family left stranded by police asks: ‘Where’s the sorry so everyone can see it?’

When Gwen Sturt's son died on a remote outstation in 2015, WA police flew in on a helicopter to remove his body, but left her family stranded in heavy floods with no food or electricity. They are still seeking answers.

Cattle, infrastructure losses worse than first thought for Qld livestock producers

Farm lobby AgForce says more than $800 million in sheep and cattle died during the worst floods seen for 50 years. In total, the damage bill could be pushing $2 billion.

Cape York grazier fears for thousands of ‘unaccounted for’ cattle after Cyclone Trevor

A farmer from south of Coen says rapidly rising floodwaters stopped her from removing cattle from paddocks on the Coleman River before the cyclone swept through the cape on its way to the Northern Territory, with flooding rains filling the river systems into the weekend.