When oils ain’t oils: Honey isn’t the only premium product susceptible to food fraud

Forget honey — olive oil, shredded cheese, coffee, tea and spices are among the premium supermarket products at risk of dilution or fake labelling designed to make companies extra money at the expense of your wallet and, in some cases, your health, writes Emma Beckett.

Melons left to rot in paddocks as listeria outbreak cripples industry

Thousands of rockmelons have been left to rot in paddocks near Geraldton on the Western Australian coast as record low prices and lost markets mean they are simply not worth picking.

Pest-infested, filthy eateries going years without inspections

Some Canberra cafes and restaurants are going five years without an inspection, while a chicken shop that closed due to critical public safety breaches has not been audited since November 2016, freedom of information documents reveal.