UAE says ‘sophisticated’ tanker attacks likely the work of a ‘state actor’

The United Arab Emirates tells United Nations Security Council members that attacks on four tankers off its coast on May 12 bore the hallmarks of a "sophisticated and coordinated operation," most likely by a state actor.

Morrison deflects US pressure to weigh in on China-Taiwan contest in the Pacific

Solomon Islands is one of six Pacific nations which recognises Taiwan, and the United States has signalled it would like Australia to use its influence in the region to make sure none of them switch allegiance to Beijing.

Rodger Muller, the everyday Australian who went undercover inside the NRA

It all began with a phone call from an old friend. Little did Rodger Muller know that it would change his life for three years, leading him to become the head of Gun Rights Australia and cosying up with America's powerful National Rifle Association.