Chinese companies are being booted from the ASX at record pace. What’s going on?

With six Chinese companies delisted from the Australian Securities Exchange last year — for everything from failing to lodge accounts to concerns about whether funds were spent as promised — investors are being warned to exercise caution.

Hundreds of women have fallen in love with this man. He wants it to stop

Each week Bryan Denny is contacted by women from around the world, some of whom have emptied their bank accounts for him. It's all part of an ongoing online scam, and Colonel Denny is as much a victim as the women being duped.

Global drug trafficking operation run out of Villawood detention centre, phone taps reveal

American pensioner Peter Strand was frail, desperate and the victim of multiple romance scams when he was targeted by a global fraud network, run by a Villawood detainee, which saw him arrested trying to bring 2.5kg of cocaine into Australia.

Labor’s plan to pay rewards to whistleblowers labelled ‘wacky’ by workplace minister

Bill Shorten promises to introduce a suite of measures to "reward the brave Australians" who blow the whistle on crime and corruption, but Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O'Dwyer says the Government is altready doing enough.