‘There are a lot of prerequisites to a digital border’: What Norway’s EU border can tell us about Brexit

As British and EU negotiators tussle over their future customs relationship, non-EU member Norway points to a world where digital borders might be able to solve Westminster's current woes.

Can political elites at Davos mend rising populism and inequality, or are they part of the problem?

The world's richest and most powerful people are gathered in Switzerland to tackle pressing global issues, but analysts say the model over which they preside is fuelling populism and increasing inequality.

Trump won’t fire Federal Reserve chair, he’s ’100 per cent’ safe: White House official

As US President Donald Trump makes a number of attacks on the independent Federal Reserve, a White House adviser steps in to allay fears and quell global market instability in response to the attacks.

‘My wife is not involved’: Darwin Lord Mayor denies conflict of interest over China deal

Darwin Lord Mayor Kon Vatskalis denies his decision to sign a "cooperation agreement" between Darwin City Council and a Chinese district was in any way related to his wife's historic links to the Chinese Government-run Confucius Institute.