Theresa May to seek Brexit extension from EU to chase compromise with Labour party

Prime Minister Theresa May says she will ask the European Union for a further delay to Brexit beyond April 12 to give her time to sit down with the Labour Party in a bid to break the impasse over Britain's departure.

Naked protesters turn Brexit debate on head, turning other cheek over climate change

A British parliamentary debate on Brexit is temporarily disrupted when a group of 14 people strip to their underpants in the public gallery of the House of Commons.

‘There are a lot of prerequisites to a digital border’: What Norway’s EU border can tell us about Brexit

As British and EU negotiators tussle over their future customs relationship, non-EU member Norway points to a world where digital borders might be able to solve Westminster's current woes.

Islamic exorcisms used as conversion therapy as Indonesian city moves against LGBT population

The city of Padang launches a new campaign to "cleanse" LGBT people of their "social sickness" through religious exorcisms, a move that's been seen as part of the country's growing intolerance towards the community.