‘There are a lot of prerequisites to a digital border’: What Norway’s EU border can tell us about Brexit

As British and EU negotiators tussle over their future customs relationship, non-EU member Norway points to a world where digital borders might be able to solve Westminster's current woes.

Islamic exorcisms used as conversion therapy as Indonesian city moves against LGBT population

The city of Padang launches a new campaign to "cleanse" LGBT people of their "social sickness" through religious exorcisms, a move that's been seen as part of the country's growing intolerance towards the community.

How the GFC changed everything, and nothing

Ten years on, what was touted at nothing less than financial Armageddon, with everyday human rights of security, safety, welfare, dignity and respect lost for many millions of people worldwide, the global financial crisis has descended into business as usual, writes David Kinley.

Is Australia ready to hit 25 million? A Liberal senator isn’t sure, and wants us to start talking about it

Australia's population is set to hit 25 million in August, and Liberal senator Dean Smith wants to start a discussion about how infrastructure is going to keep up with demand.

Diplomatic nightmare: Japan scrambling after Trump ‘pulled the rug out’

Despite having North Korean missiles fly over its territory, Japan will not have a seat at the table when Donald Trump negotiates with Kim Jong-un. That's a problem not only for embattled Japanese PM Shinzo Abe but Australia, too, writes Jake Sturmer.