Australian company boosts local medicinal cannabis production

An Australian medicinal cannabis company is working to address a global shortage of pharmaceutical-grade product, reducing cost and improving access at the same time.

Meet the second generation of children being born through sperm donations

Deciding to use a sperm donor is not always an easy choice, and for Heather it was complicated by the fact she was conceived using donor sperm. She's one of many donor children who want more transparency around their biological fathers.

‘Drastic’ human rights complaint lodged over treatment of SA mental health patients

South Australia's peak doctors' union says it has taken its most "drastic action" ever by referring the state's health department to the Australian Human Rights Commission over "cruel" treatment of mental health patients.

‘Can’t afford to see a doctor’: Mackay hospitals record Qld’s highest increase in non-urgent cases

An increasing number of patients in Queensland's Mackay region are visiting the emergency department for prescriptions and minor medical issues.