‘Blessing in disguise’: Australian stranded in Syria says cancelled passport has helped him

Australian Oliver Bridgeman, whose passport was cancelled in 2016 as authorities accused him of going to Syria with a plan to engage in "hostile activities", now says it is a "blessing in disguise" in a video on social media, while also revealing he is now married.

PM proposes law to strip terrorists of Australian citizenship

Under current laws, the Federal Government can only strip citizenship from people who have been sentenced to at least six years' jail, but Scott Morrison will introduce legislation so citizenship can be taken from anyone convicted of terrorism offences.

What we get wrong when we talk about terrorism

The violence in Melbourne's Bourke Street last Friday is still being investigated as a terrorist incident and discussions about the nature of the terrorist threat tends to go around in circles, as the same issues are raised, commented upon, and then forgotten, writes Rodger Shanahan.

Labor calls for more pressure on China over alleged mass detention of Uighur Muslims

Labor says the Government should use its membership of the UN Human Rights Council to increase pressure on China over the reported mass detention of Uighur Muslims, as US Republicans call on the Trump administration to broaden sanctions over the issue.