Universities question the wisdom of Confucius as concerns over China’s influence grow

Mandarin and calligraphy lessons, or agents of foreign influence and attacks on academic freedom — increasing concern puts a spotlight on China's Confucius Institutes in Australia.

‘She couldn’t speak any English’: Are Australian universities using international students as ‘cash cows’?

Each year hundreds of thousands of Chinese students flock to Australia to study, lured by promises of enhanced career prospects. They spend tens of thousands of dollars on what is sold to them as a life changing experience — but are they getting what they pay for?

Hey Tiger, apostrophes aren’t that hard. So let’s not get rid of them

An article on ABC News suggests that to avoid linguistic catastrophes cased by apostrophes we should just stop using them. However, the correct use of this most special member of our alphabet avoids much confusion. And besides, it's not that hard, writes Roslyn Petelin.