‘The towns are fish bowls’: Mental health stigma leads to #PillShaming in regional Australia

Regional Australians are feeling 'pill shamed' and are avoiding treatment due to the stigma around mental health medication and a lack of confidentiality in small-town pharmacies.

Julie Gilbert wanted insurance cover. Now she doesn’t know what medical records her insurer has

To get income protection and life insurance, Julie Gilbert had to declare she had received counselling for sexual abuse she says she suffered as a child and grant the insurer access to her medical history. Now, advocates want the industry to change, saying the practice goes too far and is an "unfair breach" of Australians' privacy.

‘Backdoor’ eugenics: Is IVF an asset or an ethical threat?

Professor John Rasko is a world-leading scientist in IVF and gene therapy — fields that some claim promote "new eugenics". As a descendant of Holocaust survivors, he takes this accusation seriously.