Is Labor’s pledge to provide free specialist consultations to cancer patients feasible?

Labor is defending its multi-billion-dollar pledge to provide free consultations to cancer patients after criticisms about how much it will help with patients' costs, with the Coalition slamming it as an "irresponsible hoax".

Opportunity beckons as flesh-eating crocodiles used to fight flesh-eating bacteria

As researchers around the world look into the antibacterial properties of crocodile blood, one expert is calling on the Northern Territory to reach for a foothold in an emerging medical industry.

Lily survived breast cancer but fears developing another cancer because of breast implants

There are already bans in place in several countries after concerns linking a brand of implant and a rare type of lymphoma and doctors in Australia say they would back the Therapeutic Goods Administration if it decides to implement similar rules.

Second ruling against Bayer raises concerns for Australia’s farmers

A Federal Court ruling in the United States in favour of a man suffering from cancer has turned the spotlight again to one of the most commonly used global chemicals.