Sydney Swans captain Josh Kennedy is teaching his son it’s OK to cry

Emilio Kennedy is growing up in a home that encourages boys and men to be vulnerable and ask for help, but a study suggests most Australian men are living inside a strict set of traditional ideas about what it means to be a man and it's affecting their mental health.

Teenage girls have a message for their dads and it should signal a warning to us all

Why do so many privileged girls, whose fathers work to give them overseas holidays, ski trips and the latest smart phones, feel like they're missing out? The answer lies in the struggle of many dads to play a more meaningful role in their growing daughters' lives, writes Madonna King.

The link between mum’s ‘little man’, dad’s ‘little princess’ and domestic violence

Despite having non-distinct interests as infants, children act out gender roles from an early age, with boys typically gifted toy cars and tools that speak to their "toughness", and girls acquiring more dolls and pink clothing. Here's how parents can promote gender equality, a key action to prevent violence against women.