Adani’s new lawyers proposed ‘attack dog’ plan to wage legal ‘war’

Documents obtained by the ABC reveal Brisbane law firm AJ & Co proposed an aggressive strategy for mining giant Adani to shut down critics and pressure the Queensland Government to bring the Carmichael mine to life.

Mining executives arrested over deadly Brazilian dam collapse

Eight employees of Brazilian mining company Vale SA, including two executives, are arrested as part of a criminal investigation into the cause of a deadly dam disaster that claimed the life of more than 160 people.

Adani to get ‘show cause’ notice over coal-laden floodwaters at Abbot Point

The Queensland Government is poised to act against Indian energy giant Adani over the release of coal-laden floodwaters from its coal port at Abbot Point in the state's north.

Mintabie locals to fight permanent eviction

A frontier opal mining town in remote South Australia prepares to fight the State Government over moves to permanently evict its residents.

Adani facing new probe over coal dam water release into wetlands

The Queensland Government is checking whether mining firm Adani has again breached its environmental licence for releasing water into a coastal wetland beside Abbot Point coal terminal.

How Brazil’s dam disaster will have wide-ranging, global implications for some time to come

Brazil's latest dam disaster is a human and environmental tragedy raising questions about how mining giants store their waste, but it's also sending iron ore markets into a tailspin, raking in millions of extra royalties for government coffers.