Up yours! Will protest votes help minor parties win votes?

Brandishing a pencil as their weapon of choice, some voters will attempt to slaughter the hopes of the major parties by lodging an "up yours" on their voting ballot — but will the protest vote impact the election outcome?

How Hanson forced Morrison’s hand on a decision some in his party wish he hadn’t made

Several MPs in the Liberal Party say they are disappointed it has taken so long for the party to put One Nation behind Labor. But instead blaming Morrison, they point the finger at the Queensland LNP who they say had to be dragged kicking and screaming to this position, writes Patricia Karvelas

This is how the numbers look in the House of Reps without Turnbull

Now that the Coalition is down one member in the House of Representatives, and one of its Nationals is sitting on the crossbench, its opponents might try to test the numbers with a vote of no confidence in Peter Dutton. Here's how that could play out.

Qld Premier’s move to strip Katter Party of staff labelled ‘fundamentally wrong’

The Queensland Council for Civil Liberties accuses Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk of acting in the same manner as controversial politician Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson by stripping Katter's Australian Party of five parliamentary staff.

Fact check: Would reducing international student visas create university places for Australians?

In his maiden speech, Katter's Australian Party senator Fraser Anning said that international student visas should be "drastically reduced in number", which he says would create more university places for Australians. RMIT ABC Fact Check finds his claim to be ill-informed.