No more WhatsApp? How the proposed encrypted message access laws will affect you

The Government wants new laws to force technology companies to let police access encrypted messages. Technology companies, human rights groups, lawyers and others aren't happy. And no-one quite knows how this will play out.

Telstra debts of more than $360,000 accrued by just 74 remote users

Indigenous Australians in remote communities in the NT, SA, and WA have accrued hundreds of thousands of dollars in phone bills, with one man on a disability pension being handed a bill for $10,000.

One of Australia’s most remote towns is about to get mobile coverage, and locals are worried

Kalumburu has for years made do with two payphones in the centre of town. The imminent arrival of mobile phone coverage will bring convenience, but locals fear for the impact the devices and introduction of social media will have on the town’s youths.