Flip-flop or fair dinkum? Pauline Hanson’s changing stance on tax cuts

She's been accused of flip-flopping on policy and labelled the "most unstable senator" in years. Here's what Pauline Hanson has had to say about One Nation's stance on company tax cuts within the last 72 hours.

Hanson-Burston breakdown a study in the peril of policy flip-flopping

Brian Burston will not be remembered as an ideological firebrand on the right-hand side of Australia's political spectrum, but his departure from One Nation leaves Pauline Hanson half as useful to the Government as she used to be.

Unpleasantness meter cranked up as winter hits Canberra

Federal MPs will soon disperse for their mid-year break, but in this colourful Parliament — where no-one seems aligned to anyone for any length of time anymore — the last two sitting weeks offer genuine surprises galore, writes Laura Tingle.