ACT drops out of federal teaching program already suffering retention rates

The ACT Government announces it is cutting ties with the Teach for Australia program, aimed at attracting people from non-teaching careers, citing concerns over value for money and retention rates.

‘Our homes are unliveable’: WestConnex causing depression, asthma, residents claim

According to her psychologist, Kate Cotis's battle with WestConnex over the ongoing noise and pollution from the construction — and her concern over what effect the four-lane toll road's proximity to her home will have — has led to a mental health condition.

Families using in-home child care feel ‘left out in the cold’ after subsidy changes

Some of Australia's most vulnerable families feel they have been abandoned by the Federal Government after changes to childcare payments left them with huge costs and a bureaucratic nightmare.

Fact check: Is compulsory acquisition a last resort for extreme cases?

Tony Abbott has suggested the Government may need to compulsorily acquire the Liddell Power Station. But his colleague Tim Wilson said such action "would be only ever be raised and actioned as a last resort and when all other pathways have failed." RMIT ABC Fact Check takes a closer look.