‘The towns are fish bowls’: Mental health stigma leads to #PillShaming in regional Australia

Regional Australians are feeling 'pill shamed' and are avoiding treatment due to the stigma around mental health medication and a lack of confidentiality in small-town pharmacies.

We give screen time too much blame for young people’s mental health — time to switch focus

According to the experts, screen time has only a tiny sway on the mental health of adolescents. We'd be much better off changing our approach to their technology use and focusing on the things we know have a bigger impact on wellbeing, like getting adequate sleep and a healthy diet.

‘Powerful manipulator’: Meme study finds origin of Facebook ‘likes’ can influence beliefs

If you were told the reaction to a simple social media meme could influence — and possibly even shape — your perceptions of truth, would you believe it? Researchers from the Australian National University say you should.