Morrison’s religion debate has divided his colleagues, but that’s not the whole story

Some Liberal MPS fear taking a proposal for a religious discrimination act to an election is a risky move by the Prime Minister, but by framing the issue around multiculturalism he is presenting a challenge to Labor, writes Patricia Karvelas.

The long, painful wait for abuse survivors to see redress

At 82, Geoff Meyers died never getting the redress payout he had hoped would provide some recognition for the sexual abuse he suffered as a ward. In the first five months of the scheme, 2,000 people have made applications, but only 20 survivors have received any form of redress.

Islamic exorcisms used as conversion therapy as Indonesian city moves against LGBT population

The city of Padang launches a new campaign to "cleanse" LGBT people of their "social sickness" through religious exorcisms, a move that's been seen as part of the country's growing intolerance towards the community.