Blackmores chief pledges donation will not compromise university research

The man behind a $10 million donation to Southern Cross University says he will not try to influence what is taught in holistic medical courses.

Political parties may know a lot more about you than you think

As Australian political parties prepare for three big elections in the next six months, they are adopting sophisticated 'big data' crunching techniques to target voters.

What are the personal details a driverless car could reveal about you?

The idea of reading a book or texting your friends while your driverless car takes you around might be appealing, but a parliamentary committee has heard warnings of potentially devastating privacy risks associated with autonomous cars.

‘Disgraceful’: Student activists rally against ‘weapons research’ at Adelaide university

A new partnership between an Adelaide university and one of the world's largest arms manufacturers is described as "disgraceful", with the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) joining the fight against militarisation of Australian universities.