Mobile phones will be banned in NSW primary schools from next year

Public primary schools in NSW will enforce a mobile phone ban from next year and high schools will have the option of signing up to the crackdown after a State Government review finds the devices lead to online bullying and distraction.

When an exciting opportunity at an elite boarding school turns into a ‘distressing experience’

Indigenous kids make the life-altering journey from their communities to Australia's biggest cities to attend boarding school, but there are serious questions around the level of support the students are offered and how one major education fund is reporting dropout rates.

Our chauffeured children are a problem we can’t ignore

The private car is the default transport option for many busy Australian families. This reduces physical activity and increases greenhouse gas emissions, with unhealthy results for the children being ferried and for the environment, write Hulya Gilbert, Andrew Allan, Carolyn Whitzman and Johannes Pieters.