Labor is about to face a blitzkrieg, but Morrison has his own wicked problem

On this issue Labor has always been on the backfoot — it knows it and under Bill Shorten it has been shrewd in carefully avoiding being trapped talking about it. But Morrison's government has problems of its own, writes Patricia Karvelas.

Without O’Dwyer, Morrison’s challenge might get worse before it gets better

A woman will almost certainly be preselected to replace Kelly O’Dwyer in Higgins — even if a star male candidate emerges — but the party is so far behind that it simply cannot solve its “woman problem” at this election, writes Jane Norman.

Morrison laughs off dodgy doctored shoes photo fuss

The Prime Minister says he would have preferred his lack of hair to be Photoshopped out of an official picture rather than his battered tennis shoes, after Twitter users pick up on the clearly doctored image of him wearing a left shoe on his right foot.