‘The end of the road’: Two Edward Snowden refugees granted asylum but five still in limbo

Vanessa Rodel, one of the asylum seekers who sheltered American whistle-blower Edward Snowden in Hong Kong in 2013has been granted asylum in Canada with her daughter — but the other five refugees are still waiting for the verdict.

‘Dancing with the dragon’: New Zealand prepares for pivotal report on Chinese interference

As China flexes its muscles throughout the Pacific, New Zealand finds itself in a troublesome position between its largest trading partner, the United States, and fears of Chinese interference in domestic affairs.

Robbed of a job, former minister slams Turnbull and Joyce over anti-Beijing sentiment

Poor government relations with China appear to have cost former trade minister Andrew Robb a lucrative job post-politics — and he's not shy about pointing the finger at who he holds responsible.

Universities question the wisdom of Confucius as concerns over China’s influence grow

Mandarin and calligraphy lessons, or agents of foreign influence and attacks on academic freedom — increasing concern puts a spotlight on China's Confucius Institutes in Australia.