Dating apps contributing to rise in STIs, experts say, but not for the reasons you think

In the digital age, casual sex and partners are available at the click of a button. So are dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Grindr to blame for rapidly rising STI rates?

This cosmetic surgeon wants doctors like himself to disclose their links to device makers

There is no requirement for Australian medical practitioners to disclose the benefits they receive from private interests such as medical device manufacturers, but Daniel Fleming — who has been a paid consultant for a breast implant manufacturer — argues that has to change.

‘A thing of the dark ages’: First baby born with syphilis in SA in 18 years

Health services fear a lack of long-term planning and funding is hampering attempts to control a syphilis outbreak across Australia after a baby was born in SA with the potentially fatal disease last year.

Australian HIV rates declining overall, but not for everyone

HIV, once considered unstoppable, is on the decline and Australia has made huge strides in reducing new cases, but while the latest results are generally good news, rates of infection in Indigenous and some regional communities are on the rise.