Drugs, disadvantage and murder: What life was like in the ‘waiting room for hell’

Stainforth Court was a troubled public housing estate in Hobart; a "weeping social sore" synonymous with violence and crime. But for the people who lived there, it was home — and they have mixed feelings about its redevelopment.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison to pledge a record $328 million to combat domestic violence

The Morrison Government is set to develop Australia's first national strategy for domestic violence prevention, including a $70 million pledge to develop strategies to target negative community attitudes and beliefs that lead to violence.

How can the NT spend money allocated for Indigenous disadvantage elsewhere?

The NT's former Aboriginal affairs minister says successive governments have "ripped off" remote Aboriginal communities by redirecting federal funds to prop up the Darwin suburbs. But how? And why hasn't the Commonwealth intervened?

‘This massive fungus grew from the wall’: renters are skipping home insurance and it’s ending badly

Following a disaster, renters can face eviction, homelessness or be forced to live in a damaged property. Many don't have the insurance to cope, but it's not because they can't afford it, write Kate Isabel Booth and Chloe Lucas.