Sydney Swans captain Josh Kennedy is teaching his son it’s OK to cry

Emilio Kennedy is growing up in a home that encourages boys and men to be vulnerable and ask for help, but a study suggests most Australian men are living inside a strict set of traditional ideas about what it means to be a man and it's affecting their mental health.

Nurses don’t know how to help, and they’re not alone

Recently I received a call about an elderly patient believed to be the victim of financial abuse from nurses who didn't know where to turn. It’s a story I hear all too regularly and we need a better solution, writes Andrew Simpson.

‘Privilege can be a disadvantage’: Your say on class in Australia

We asked you to share your experience of class, and we were inundated with stories. For some of you Australia is still the lucky country, but for others, the idea that hard work is the only barrier to social mobility is laughable. What's constant is that everyone has an opinion.