Man who counselled wife to kill herself using her emails to appeal conviction

A series of email communications allegedly written by Graham Morant's wife to the group Exit International — which provides information on end-of-life matters — is one of four grounds of his appeal, after he was sentenced to 10 years in jail for counselling and assisting her suicide.

‘I’ve used it today to be honest’: The communities being trained in suicide intervention

Of the 100 people trained in a new suicide intervention program in Queensland, every person has already had to use it to help someone thinking of taking their life. Now, the communities taking this Australia-first approach to reducing Aboriginal suicide rates want to make a change across the country.

Gillard on mental health, promoting women and staying out of politics after being rolled

The former PM discusses how the Liberal Party could bring more women to Parliament, the revolving door of political leadership, and the importance of having difficult conversations ahead of World Mental Health Day.

Former Inpex employee had to take unpaid leave for abortion, alleges toxic workplace culture

A former employee of the Northern Territory's Inpex Ichthys LNG project speaks out against the company, saying mental health and safety concerns often came second to getting the job done.

‘It’s not stopping at the playground anymore’: Prep, Year 1 bullying on the rise

The number of Queensland Prep students being suspended or expelled almost doubles in four years, with experts and parents warning the problem of schoolyard bullying is exploding among the state's youngest students.

‘Reminiscent of the world’s slums’: Ex-Border Force boss Roman Quaedvlieg’s diary from Nauru

Roman Quaedvlieg, the former Australian Border Force commissioner, pens a 3,800-word reflection on the conditions facing nearly 1,000 asylum seekers and refugees held in "squalid" facilities at Australia's immigration facilities on Nauru.