Airbnb boss calls for ‘light touch’ rules on WA hosts, saying regulations stifle tourism growth

Short-stay accommodation giant says a mishmash of regulations on Airbnb accommodation is acting as a "handbrake" on WA's economy, and contributing to the state being left behind a national tourism boom.

‘Stabbed in the back’: China threatens ‘double-faced’ NZ with tourism ‘stick’ following Huawei ban

Chinese state media claims Chinese tourists are abandoning New Zealand because of its Huawei ban, but analysts say China is not giving up on the country just yet.

On one side of this island, taxpayers will foot a clean-up bill. Developers are invited on the other

In Australia's largest island national park, taxpayers will be forced to spend $1.3 million cleaning up a resort in ruins while the Queensland Government courts companies to build more eco-accommodation on the other side of the island.

Sydney is expensive, but what people spend their money on might surprise you

It's not the usual suspects of rising energy costs, tolls or petrol that are hitting the hip-pockets of New South Wales voters the hardest. Take a look at what expenses are chewing up the household income.