Renewable energy summit calls for tougher politicians and a future without coal

As coal-dependent regions ponder the inevitable transition to a post-coal future, experts are calling for political parties to adopt "a long-term view" on renewable energy rather than looking to the next election.

The remote Japanese vineyard helping an island recover from disaster

People generally don't associate Japan with winemaking, but a small vineyard on the island of Okushiri off the coast of Hokkaido — on the same latitude as Bordeaux — is giving elderly residents hope for the future as they continue to come to terms with a deadly earthquake and tsunami 25 years ago.

Facial recognition, apps and robots the future of shopping, Alibaba bosses say

China e-commerce giant Alibaba plans to open 1,000 of its new-age supermarkets in the next five years and it has Australian produce on its shopping list.