How the UN’s forerunner inspired ‘small-L liberals" to challenge the White Australia policy

The League of Nations was once described as "the greatest humbug in history", but it has had a lasting impact on Australia: it helped the nation untie its British apron strings and find its foreign policy voice.

Live: Parliament unites to condemn Fraser Anning’s speech

Senators are moving to censure Fraser Anning over his call for a ban on Muslim immigration and use of the phrase "final solution" in his maiden speech, and politicians in both houses are sharing their strong criticisms of the speech. Follow live.

‘It was Pauline Hanson on steroids’: MPs condemn Anning’s speech

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and a number of other politicians condemn Queensland senator Fraser Anning for advocating a return to the White Australia policy, with Derryn Hinch saying "there was hardly a group of Australians he did not offend unless you were close to being a member of the Ku Klux Klan".