Wills & Family Provision Act

Following the termination of a marriage, any previous will is revoked. It is necessary, therefore, to redraft your will so that it reflects your present wishes and ensures that your beneficiaries are those whom you intend to benefit from your life’s exertions, namely your children.

If you need clear advice about deceased estates, about obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, contesting or defending a will, or about making other legal arrangements for your later life,  we will expertly and compassionately assist you at what is often a difficult and stressful time in this regard.

It is worthwhile having your will drafted by someone you can trust and who is fully aware of your family situation.

To find out more about arranging or changing your will, please call us now for an obligation-free telephone consultation with one of our lawyers, at no charge to you.

If believe you have been treated unfairly, and need to contest or defend a will, our firm has particular expertise in Family Provision Act Matters.